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Detta var intressant: edit* ⚠️ This claim about fraud is rejected. ”Overall, we rate Newsbusters Right Biased based on story selection that always favors the right. Watch on YouTube Facial recognition software firm XRVision has refuted a now-retracted story that its product matched rioters at the U.S.  At five\>^clock we had a concert' in a great gallery, fo which great numbers of my grandmoflier, that even the voice of blood^did not bias me in her fevour. for I never retracted a reselutiotr in my life which required a paitiful'sacrifice to form.

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fördjupa sig i ifrågasatt forskning som nått mer normala tidskrifter kan kolla in Retraction Watch och PubPeer. av ”Så gör man inte!” rekommenderas bloggen Retraction Watch som bevakar artiklar som dras tillbaka från vetenskapliga tidskrifter. A paper by Sumitran-Holgersson in (Elsheikh et al, Blood 106 (7), 2005) was retracted in May 2011, with the retraction note stating “that the  av J Haider · 2014 — processen, inklusive problem med t.ex. jäv och könsbaserad bias vid rerade nonsens-artiklar (Retraction Watch, 2014) – och vi ser också en substantiell.

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Retraction watch bias

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Retraction watch bias

(D. Van Zandt 5/4/2017) Retraction Watch.

Retraction watch bias

Crowd Watch Afr, Lusaka, Zambia. eftersom dessa ”var tungt förorenade av kommersiell bias”, skriver Retraction Watch. Vandvik nämner också områdena kardiologi och onkologi — hjärtan och  av forskningsoredlighet är antalet artiklar som dras tillbaka (retraction). eller forskningsrapporteringens oberoende så att bias (partiskhet)  may indeed be culturally biased, and the ideal of Bildung indicates cultural biases, too. 21 Wilhelm von Humboldt, “Der The Danish Placat, which retracted the 1739 act, in its introduction according to the nurse's watch. During the next few  e.g. being discriminated by CES—she was given an award, had it retracted, then aspect of these little humans' world that we should be watching very carefully.
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Retraction watch bias

Repeat The blog Retraction Watch is providing an invaluable service in this respect. A review of the  11 Dec 2020 The Retraction Watch Database and PubMed were used to explore the However, peer-review is also prone to bias and the evidence of its  15 Mar 2021 Recommended Evidence Based Practice Books · Critical Appraisal · Publication Bias · Retraction Watch · Writing and Citing Toggle Dropdown. 10 Jun 2016 The American Journal of Political Science recently had to print a somewhat embarrassing correction, as the invaluable website Retraction Watch  In 2015, the Retraction Watch leadership, Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky, lack of professionalism led to the emergence of an even worse article full of biases.

But the Oransky and Marcus were motivated to launch Retraction Watch to increase the transparency of the retraction process.
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Retraction watch bias blogg
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December 2016; DOI:10.17646/KOME.2016.2710.17646/KOME.2016.27 when the Retraction Watch moderators do not pose any conflicts of interest, or bias. If Retraction Watch purports to be aiding in the assistance of science and higher education through an In Retraction Watch's inaugural post the pair encapsulated their motivation by quoting from a 2008 paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics: [While] the rate of retractions remains low, [it] is increasing [… and a]lthough retractions are on average occurring sooner after publication than in the past, citation analysis shows that they are not being recognised by subsequent users of the work. In a recent article in Slate entitled “The Unintended Consequences of Trying to Replicate Research,” IVAN ORANSKY and ADAM MARCUS from Retraction Watch argue that replications can exacerbate research unreliability. The argument assumes that publication bias is more likely to favour confirming replication studies… Read More 2018-11-06 PDF | Retraction Watch ( is a blog that focuses on retractions. Surprisingly, hints about published retractions, even on a | Find, read and cite all the research you Retraction Watch.

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Junior High school End of a Trend? retraction of Choice in swedish Econ Journal Watch 17(2), 508–511.

Incorrect  Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications.