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Summary: This gene encodes a glycoprotein that functions as a high affinity counter-receptor for the cell adhesion molecules P-, E- and L- selectin expressed on myeloid cells and stimulated T lymphocytes. Stored in the alpha-granules of platelets and Weibel-Palade bodies of endothelial cells. Upon cell activation by agonists, P-selectin is transported rapidly to the cell surface. ELISA kits for the study of the target, P-Selectin are available in ready-to-use formats. The protein is also known as selectin P or SELP. It is a 830-residue protein with a membrane localization.

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Search and download thousands of Swedish university dissertations. Full text. Free. Antigensymbol, P-Selectin.

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Platelet alpha Granule  av WB Qiu · 2014 · Citerat av 27 — Resistin increases platelet P-selectin levels via p38 MAPK signal pathway. Qiu, WB (författare): Chen, NP (författare): Zhang, Q (författare): visa fler Zhuo, LY  The present research collaboration aims to study platelet cross-talk with lymphocytes and BM-PCs during atherogenesis, and to investigate P-selectin- and  If you keep a roll in the Roll Printer Case for a long time, the roll may become creased.

P selectin

Consumption of whole grain/bran rye instead of refined wheat

P selectin

Human P-Selectin/CD62P Antibody (BBA30) Human P-Selectin/CD62P Fluorescein-conjugated Antibody (BBA34) View all 2 R&D Systems SELP (P-Selectin/CD62P) ELISAs. Human P-Selectin/CD62P Quantikine ELISA Kit (DPSE00) P-selectin that is expressed on the surface of the endothelium mediates abnormal rolling and static adhesion of sickle erythrocytes to the vessel surface in vitro. 13,14 Translocation of

P selectin

Produktnummer. : 561306. Märke. : Millipore.
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P selectin

P-selectin binder till P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 PSGL-1 på monocyten, andra leukocyter och endotel.Leder till adhesion av trombocyten till leukocyt och  RCP9130, Prolactin, 1 mg. RCP9248, P-selectin (western blot control), 10 μg. RCP9249, P-selectin, 10 μg. RCP9250, P-selectin, 100 μg.

U Essays , Select , in Anglo - American legal history by various authors .
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Dessa omfattar hämning av frisättning av proinflammatoriska  P-selectin on endothelial cells. EMEA0.3. Serinproteaser som sekreteras av mastceller är en viktig diagnostisk markör för typ 1 allergier (exempelvis anafylaxi;  endotelväggen. Inflammatoriska cytokiner inducerar det omedelbara sättet eller sättet för expression av P-selectin på endotelcellytor och P-selectin binder svagt  of tumor nuclear factor-receptor 2 (TNF-R2), e-selectin, and endostatin were significantly lower after consumption of the RP diet compared with WP (p < 0.05). S Papyri , Select , in the hieratic character from the collections of the British Museum . Regnaud , P. , De primigenia vocis Kshatriyari atque de regiis insignibus  P. 1.

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Foto handla om calcium, kemi, binaural, aktiverat, compound, celler, klunga, kemikalie,  p p m. 0. 5. 1 0. 1 5. 16HBE only.